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What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., and for most patients, it offers terrific outcomes. However, sometimes patients can feel unhappy with their results and may require breast revision treatment. It is important to note that not all breast revisions happen because of practitioner error. While some surgeries do create an undesirable outcome, a patient may prefer a different implant size or because of a visible problem. Depending on your needs, we can revise the implant or completely remove it. In addition, some patients may need revision surgery because of a particular condition. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester, or Dr. Chiddy, proudly offers breast revision surgery to his Draper, UT community. We encourage you to schedule an appointment and learn more about breast revision surgery.

What are the benefits of breast revision?

There are a number of reasons individuals select breast revision procedures at Jerry Chidester, MD. If people want to change the shape of the implants or resolve concerns from a prior surgery, breast revision surgery should help you reach the aesthetic you want with several great benefits, including:

  • Adjusts implant size
  • Enhances breast volume and firmness
  • Takes out unwanted implants for a organic look
  • Removes affected or deflated implants
  • Adjusts the location of implants (if necessary)
  • Takes care of issues like breast imbalance, rippling, implant shifting, etc.
  • Corrects issues from previous treatments

am i a candidate for breast revision surgery?

Should you have any trouble (either medical or cosmetic) after breast augmentation surgery, please schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Chiddy to discuss your concerns or needs so he can develop your unique breast revision treatment plan. Whether it's scar tissue, drooping or sagging, ripples under the skin, or unbalanced breasts, revision surgery can help correct the appearance and provide a more pleasing outcome. Dr. Chiddy can also perform breast revision if you want to change the implant type and size or address another part of your breasts.

What are the reasons for a breast revision?

During breast revision surgery, Dr. Chiddy will replace an implant that doesn't properly work or function or completely remove the implants. Dr. Chiddy can also perform breast revision surgery to switch the implant size or to change an implant to a fat transfer (or vice versa). Additionally, patients can experience other conditions that might require breast revision treatment.


This condition occurs when the implants look disproportionate. Asymmetry happens when an incorrectly sized implant is placed. An inappropriately sized implant can cause sagging or drooping on one of the breasts. To determine the underlying problem of the asymmetry, Dr. Chiddy will complete a thorough assessment and perform breast revision surgery. During your surgery, he will place a new set of breast implants to create a symmetrical appearance.

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out happens when one or both breasts "bottom out" or drop too low. Generally, the condition is caused by improper positioning and placement during the original surgery. To treat this problem, Dr. Chiddy will need to determine the best positioning technique for your body. In some cases, you may need tissue grafting or Dr. Chiddy will surgically create a pocket that fits your new implant. For most patients, going to a silicone implant will solve this issue.

Breast Size

Sometimes, revision surgery is as simple as placing a smaller or larger sized breast implant. With the original surgery, your implants could look too small or big. To attain your desired results, Dr. Chiddy can place a different implant size.

Capsular Contracture

This condition happens when scar tissue around the implant starts to harden and thicken. While breast implants do create some internal hardening, most women will never realize this. In some situations, the hardening tissue could alter the implant placement, which may change the breast shape and functionality. If this happens, it can cause an undesirable look. Dr. Chiddy may need to remove scar tissue to reduce scarring.

Implant Rippling

Rippling occurs when you see obvious rippling and wrinkles beneath the skin. This issue forms just along the edge of the implant. Generally, rippling is more common in patients who are relatively thin. Often, Dr. Chiddy can treat this condition by changing your original implant to a silicone one.

Implant Rupture

While an implant rupture is uncommon, it can still occur. When a saline breast implant ruptures, deflation will take place almost immediately. Therefore, a visible change will occur. If the implant is silicone and it ruptures, Dr. Chiddy can only see it via an MRI. Whether silicone or saline, if a rupture happens, you will need to undergo additional surgery.


This condition takes place when implants are inserted and placed too closely together. In most cases, this happens because your implant is the wrong width, shape, or size. Breast revision surgery will treat this problem by choosing an implant that works best for your frame and looks balanced.

how does breast revision surgery work?

Following your surgery and an observation period, we will send you home to start your recovery. Recovery from a revision surgery varies and depends on the complexity of your procedure. Typically, revision surgery that needs grafting or complex reconstruction will require a longer recovery, which may last up to 6 – 8 weeks. You should slowly begin to see your surgical results when the bruising and swelling start to disappear. To ensure your body heals properly, Dr. Chiddy or someone on his team will discuss the side effects and provide detailed aftercare instructions. During your consultation, we will help you schedule follow-up appointments so Dr. Chiddy can assess your recovery and results.

Breast Revision FAQ

How much does breast revision surgery cost?
The cost of breast revision surgery can vary based on what needs to be done. In your consultation, Dr. Chiddy will listen to your concerns and goals before completing a physical examination of your current implants. After this, he will talk about your choices before developing your surgical plan. The cost of revision surgery will be based on the complexity of the procedure, plus your new implants. It is better to focus on getting the results you want by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Chiddy, instead of the cheapest surgeon. To help make your surgery easy to afford, Jerry Chidester, MD, accepts many payment methods, and we will give you information on low-interest medical financing.

What if Dr. Chiddy wasn't my original surgeon?
Dr. Chiddy can perform your breast revision surgery even if he wasn't the surgeon who performed your breast augmentation. Revision surgery can be more complex than augmentation surgery, especially if you want significant changes or have problems, which is why it is best to select a surgeon like Dr. Chiddy, who has years of experience and advanced training in breast surgery. Dr. Chiddy also invites his patients to return to his practice for revision surgery after their breast augmentation surgery if they notice an issue or want new implants.

What about loose skin?
When you are having your implants exchanged or removed, you may need to have excess skin removed during your surgery. After hearing your goals and evaluating your current implants, Dr. Chiddy can discuss the need for a breast lift to remove sagging skin. If you lose a significant amount of weight, get pregnant, or breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, a breast revision with a lift can help you get better results.

Will there be new scars?
If possible, Dr. Chiddy will try to make incisions for breast revision surgery in the same place as your original augmentation incisions. However, if this is not possible, he will place the revision incisions where they are least visible. Revision surgery may use a transaxillary incision ( through the armpit), a periareolar incision (on the lower border of the areola), an inframammary incision (under the breast fold ), or TUBA incision ( transumbilical, through the belly button). Dr. Chiddy or a member of his team will go over scar care management — so your incisions heal smoothly and blend into your skin.

Do I have to change my implants?
While implants can last a long time, they usually need to be replaced at some point. After augmentation surgery, it is important to have your implants checked regularly so Dr. Chiddy can help you decide when your implants need to be replaced. With so many advances in medical technology, you may prefer the new implant shapes and types to get your best outcome during breast revision surgery.

reimagine and renew your look

If you feel displeased about your previous breast augmentation results or you want a different look, we welcome you to call our Draper, UT office and schedule your appointment with Dr. Chiddy. During your consultation, Dr. Chiddy can create a custom treatment plan that addresses your concerns. We will provide information about the cost or financing options, such as Prosper and Mountain America Credit Union. When it comes to breast revision surgery, Dr. Chiddy will help you consider important factors, perform a full physical assessment, create your revision options, and discuss realistic goals and expectations. We invite you to call our office in the Greater Salt Lake City area to learn more. 

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