Brazilian Butt Lift in Draper, UT

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About The Brazilian Butt Lift

Providing a shapely and contoured posterior, Brazilian butt lift surgery is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. A Brazilian butt lift is a natural treatment option that helps patients attain a fuller and shapelier rear end without using an implant. Weight loss, aging, and genetics can cause a flat and unshapely butt. In today's times, a rounder, more voluptuous rear end is the preferred look. A Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the butt through a precise fat grafting and transfer process. To do this, Dr. Jerry Chidester, or Dr. Chiddy, utilizes liposuction to remove unwanted fat from different parts of your body. Once removed, Dr. Chiddy injects the fat into your backside. This process makes your rear end look shapelier and your figure tighter. When it comes to performing a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Chiddy uses an artistic perspective and his years of advanced training to provide beautiful results. Please call our Draper, UT office to schedule an appointment and learn more.

Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Right For You?

If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Chiddy can perform an assessment to ensure this treatment works best for you. During your consultation, Dr. Chiddy will determine if you have enough fat to extract for the removal, grafting, and transfer process. For patients with a lighter bodyweight or an insufficient amount of fat to extract and purify, a Brazilian butt lift may not work well. Additionally, to undergo this procedure, you must have healthy skin elasticity. If your skin is loose, sagging, or wrinkled, a surgical butt lift may work better. This treatment option works best for patients who maintain a stable weight, possess fat to extract and transfer, and prefer to avoid using an implant.

Surgical Technique

In most cases, anesthesia is used during a Brazilian butt lift. Considered an outpatient procedure, it takes about 2 – 3 hours to complete. The timing depends on how much fat is transferred and injected into the buttocks. During the procedure, Dr. Chiddy will start off by performing liposuction on certain parts of the body, such as the hips, abdomen, lower back, and thighs. Next, Dr. Chiddy safely extracts and purifies the fat in a centrifuge. Once processed, we will inject the fat into your buttocks and gently massage the skin so the surface appears even. Dr. Chiddy repeats this step multiple times until achieving the desired result.

What to Expect

After a Brazilian butt lift, patients can return home to heal. Because Dr. Chiddy performed liposuction on the body and placed the extracted fat into the buttocks, you will need to care for several treatment areas. Additionally, you will experience some discomfort and swelling near both treatment sites. For approximately two weeks, patients should not place any weight on the rear end. After the swelling has gone away, you will see noticeable results; however, for most patients, it takes about 4 – 6 weeks to see their entire results. Once your body has completely healed, the buttocks will appear shapelier, and your figure will look tighter because of the liposuction.

Shape Your Rear

This procedure is so popular because it gives people the chance to attain the round and contoured buttocks they have always desired. Because of the rise in popularity for a healthy and rounder backside, the Brazilian butt lift has become one of Dr. Chiddy's specialties. At your consultation, he will develop a tailored treatment plan and provide information about the pricing or financing options with Prosper and Mountain America Credit Union. If you hope to enhance the shape of your buttocks and you prefer a natural treatment option, we invite you to call our Draper, UT office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Chiddy.

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