When Is The Best Time For A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 08/13/2020

Now or later? Find out everything you need to know when deciding whether you should get your mommy makeover plastic surgery now or wait until later.


Seven Reasons Women Consider Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 08/05/2020

What’s the big deal about breast augmentation? Discover why millions of women decide to get breast implants, and find out if they’re right for you!


Breast Augmentation Services For Patients In The Area Of Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 04/07/2020

Many women who are unhappy with the size, lift, and contours of their breasts may want to work with a plastic surgeon... Click to read more


What is Breast Implant Associated ALCL and how is it treated?

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 03/15/2020

Learn how Dr. Chiddy handles Breast Implant associated ALCL.


Understanding Gender Confirmation Surgery

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 01/15/2020

Dr. Chiddy is proud to offer Gender Confirmation Surgery to help those match their inner desires to the outer appearance. Learn more in this post.


When Women Should Consider Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 11/15/2019

Learn more about Breast Lifts from Dr. Chiddy and when it will best suit your needs.


What are the Various Types of Scar Revision?

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 10/15/2019

Learn what Scar Revision types Dr. Chidester of Salt Lake City, Utah can provide.


Restoring Your Youthful Appearance With Botox Injections

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 09/15/2019

Learn how Dr. Chidester and his team can bring that youthful apperance back to your face with Botox.


How Can Radiesse Injectables Improve One’s Aging Appearance?

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 08/15/2019

At ChidesterMD Plastic and Hand Surgery, Salt Lake City area patients can obtain a selection of cosmetic injectables to combat the signs of aging.


Learn How Surgical Hand Procedures can Restore Functionality for Patients

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 07/15/2019

Learn how Dr. Chidester can provide with Hand Surgery for patients with various conditions.


How The Breast Lift Procedure Can Enhance A Woman’s Appearance

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 06/15/2019

At ChidesterMD Plastic and Hand Surgery, women who are unhappy with the appearance of their body due to changes in weight or from pregnancy..Read more


Body Contouring Services Available With Dr. Jerry Chidester Of Salt Lake City,UT

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 05/15/2019

Dr. Jerry Chidester and his professionals at ChidesterMD Plastic and Hand Surgery are excited to help patients look and feel their best.


Understanding the Panniculectomy Procedure

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 04/15/2019

Learn how Dr. Chidester preforms a Panniculectomy, the removal of the excess skin of the lower abdomen typically seen after extensive weight loss.


Snowblower Safety Tips

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 03/01/2019

Learn Dr. Chiddy's Winter Weather recommendations.


Understanding Breast Reduction and Candidacy at ChidesterMD Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 02/15/2019

Learn about Breast Reduction and if you are a candidate for this life-changing procedure.


Enjoy Non-Invasive Body Contouring With Coolsculpting

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 01/15/2019

Brazilian Butt LIfts are still all the rage. Learn what Dr. Chiddy can provide you in this informative post.


How Scar Revision Services Can Reduce Or Eliminate Past Scarring On The Skin

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 12/15/2018

Salt Lake City, UT area patients who have prominent scars on their face or body, may feel self-conscious about their appearance... Click to read more


Understanding the Labiaplasty Procedure

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 11/15/2018

Dr. Chiddy explains the Labiaplasty procedure and how he can help.


Using CoolSculpting to Improve Body Contours and Adress Unwanted Fat

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 10/15/2018

Learn how non-invasive Coolsculpting can help with Body Contouring and remove unwanted fat with Dr. Chidester.


Transform your Post-Baby Body with a Mommy Makeover!

Dr. Jerry Chidester | 09/15/2018

Learn about the Mommy Makeover and how Dr. Chiddy can help you get your pre-baby body back.


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