What is Breast Implant Associated ALCL and how is it treated?

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In most cases, breast augmentation procedures performed by plastic surgeons go without a hitch. Women are often happy with the results of their breast implants and feel confident in the way they look and feel. However, there are always risks and possible complications that can arise following surgical procedures. Dr. Jerry Chidester is well aware of a condition known as breast implant associated ACLC, or “breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.” This is an uncommon variety of lymphoma that can develop around implants years after they have been placed. In many cases, it develops around implants that are textured. Because of this, Dr. Jerry Chidester of Salt Lake City, Utah avoids the use of textured implants to greatly reduce the risks of development. Additionally, Dr. Jerry Chidester schedules annual evaluations for his breast implant patients to ensure side effects such as these don’t occur.

When should I be concerned?

It is best for patients to be well aware of any changes that occur in their breasts following breast implants. Dr. Jerry Chidester will send patients home after their procedure with information to read regarding the healing and recovery process. Certain issues that develop should be communicated to the doctor for an evaluation. For example, women who notice swelling or fluid around the breast area six months or later from their procedure should be concerned. Patients should also be concerned if they are experiencing unusual or unexpected changes to the breast shape along with lumps, pain, or asymmetry. This is the time to make an appointment at his practice to be evaluated and determine the cause.

What do I do if I have been diagnosed with BIA-ALCL?

If a patient has been diagnosed with this condition, they will need to have their breast implants removed. In addition, Dr. Jerry Chidester will also remove any surrounding scar tissue around the implant that may contribute to the condition. Once the implant is removed, the condition will go away as well.

Are you concerned about breast implant associated ALCL?

Contact Dr. Jerry Chidester and his team in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss treatment. His practice is located at 6322 South 3000 East, Ste. #170 and can be reached by phone to request an appointment at (801) 513-2639.

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