Don’t Worry, That Fat Is Gone Forever

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Year after year, we continue to be impressed with the numbers on liposuction. This procedure is currently performed at least 245,000 times a year. That is a lot of fat gotten rid of, and a lot of happy men and women out there feeling good about their bodies. The fact that liposuction continues to be one of the leading cosmetic procedures should indicate that this surgery is both safe and effective. Still, we often field questions from patients wondering “will the fat come back?”

It’s actually a great thing to ask this question. Wondering about your long-term results from liposuction means you’re invested in the process. It means you have realistic expectations and you want to maximize the gains you get from losing excess fat. Here, we want to take a look at the nature of fat cells so you can better understand what can and cannot happen after liposuction.

Fat Cells Don’t Behave Like The Others

You could say that fat cells are stubborn. We say they’re just different. Whereas most other cells in the body have an obvious life-death-life cycle (they live and perform, they die, they get replaced), fat cells do not. Fat cells don’t die, and they don’t get replaced. This is a critical factor in the rewards of liposuction. Because fat cells don’t get replaced, there is no chance that fat will grow back after body contouring. Liposuction removes fat cells for good.

But There’s This

If fat cells don’t increase in numbers, why do we gain weight? It’s because fat cells hold fatty content. Individual cells can expand in size to carry more fatty substance. As fat cells progressively expand, we see weight gain. It’s that simple. And here is where liposuction can go wrong.

We want to see our patients succeed in their maintenance of results after liposuction. In addition to carefully performing this body contouring procedure for refined results, we also encourage patients to maintain the weight they are at when they have liposuction. Because eating well and exercising can support metabolism, these actions can prevent the accumulation of fatty content in expandable cells.

The path to success after liposuction is not complicated. The path to your best body begins right here. Schedule your consultation with us at (801) 455-1914.

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