Can You Still Have Kids After A Mommy Makeover?

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If you have lost weight, had children, or simply have cosmetic concerns about certain parts of your body, mommy makeover surgery can be a fantastic solution. With the fully customizable nature of mommy makeover surgery and its ability to address multiple areas in a single setting, it’s no surprise that more and more women undergo the procedure each year to achieve the figure of their dreams. A common question for patients considering a mommy makeover, whether they have already had children or not, is how the surgery may impact their ability to get pregnant in the future. Additionally, women often wonder how their mommy makeover results may be affected by a future pregnancy.

The caring team at Jerry Chidester, MD Plastic & Hand Surgery, under the direction of award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester, aka “Dr. Chiddy,” is proud to help women restore or achieve a stunning physique they can feel confident about with a mommy makeover in Draper, UT. By taking great care to tailor mommy makeover surgery to each individual patient’s needs and goals, Dr. Chiddy can help you understand when it may be most appropriate to have the procedure and what to expect regarding future pregnancies.

What is included in a mommy makeover?

To better understand the implications of a future pregnancy with regards to a mommy makeover, and vice-versa, it is helpful to know a little bit more about the procedure itself. Most commonly, mommy makeover surgery is used to address changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth, though it can also be highly beneficial for women who have lost a great deal of weight or have simply developed concerns related to the aging process. Based on the patient’s needs, goals, and other personal factors, Dr. Chiddy will recommend a customized mommy makeover plan for each woman. Typically, a mommy makeover in Greater Salt Lake City includes some combination of the following procedures:

Can I still have kids after a mommy makeover?

There is no inherent risk in carrying a child after a mommy makeover, nor will the procedure make it more difficult for a woman to conceive. However, getting pregnant after a mommy makeover, particularly when it involves tummy tuck and breast surgery, can significantly compromise or even reverse the results of the procedure. In most cases, surgeons strongly encourage women to be certain that they are done having children before undergoing mommy makeover surgery in order to prevent the need for a second or subsequent procedure in the future.

With that said, Dr. Chiddy certainly understands that some women may not yet be sure about their plans for having children but still want to have a body they feel confident about in the meantime. In other cases, pregnancy after a mommy makeover may come as a surprise! Regardless of your timeline, Dr. Chiddy can help you make a plan for your procedure and discuss options for post-pregnancy plastic surgery, should you decide to have children in the future.

What happens to a tummy tuck if you get pregnant?

Some patients report that pregnancy after a tummy tuck may feel tighter or slightly different than a pre-surgery pregnancy, though this sensation poses no threat to the mother or baby. The most compelling consideration for having children after tummy tuck surgery is that your cosmetic results will likely be affected. In addition to the skin being stretched out again during pregnancy, your abdominal muscles may once again separate and become weakened, requiring a repeat tummy tuck in the future to restore your original outcome.

What happens if you have breast implants and get pregnant?

Like the abdomen, the breasts will also undergo changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As the breasts swell, the skin can become stretched out and, ultimately, unable to support the implant as well as it once did. A breast lift can help correct this problem by removing excess skin and restoring the breasts to a more natural-looking position and shape. Patients who intend to breastfeed should also consider the potential impact that breast implants may have on their ability to nurse. While some women with breast implants are able to breastfeed successfully, others may experience various difficulties. Women who have a breast lift performed as part of their mommy makeover surgery may be more likely to have trouble breastfeeding a future child. If you think that having children and breastfeeding in the future may still be a possibility for you, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Chiddy so that he can plan your mommy makeover with these considerations in mind.

Be confident about your decision to have Salt Lake City mommy makeover surgery by knowing how a future pregnancy may affect your results

The decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure should be well thought out and discussed by the patient, her family, and her surgeon. When it comes to a mommy makeover specifically, taking the time to consider your plans for having children in the future, and how that may impact the results of your surgery, is essential. Call the welcoming team at Jerry Chidester, MD Plastic & Hand Surgery to schedule your private consultation with renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester today, and let us help you achieve your ultimate cosmetic dreams – before or after kids – with mommy makeover in Draper, UT.

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