Can BeautiFill® Give Me A Fuller Looking Buttocks?

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With more and more patients seeking an hourglass figure, the popularity of butt enhancement surgery is surging. For men and women who prefer a less invasive alternative to butt augmentation with implants, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester (aka Dr. Chiddy) and the award-winning team at Jerry Chidester, MD Plastic & Hand Surgery in Draper, UT are proud to offer BeautiFill laser liposuction plus fat transfer. Keep reading for a closer look at the benefits of BeautiFill, including how it can help transform your figure and give you the celebrity butt shape you’ve always wanted.

What is butt enhancement surgery?

Butt enhancement refers to a number of treatments and procedures that aim to improve the shape, volume, and other features of a patient’s buttocks. Popular butt enhancement options include:

  • Butt augmentation
  • Butt lift
  • Brazilian butt lift

When it comes to butt augmentation specifically, there are several options available for achieving a fuller, rounder butt, including glute implants and fat transfer to the butt. Men and women considering butt augmentation who are interested in a more natural alternative to butt implants may be good candidates for a fat transfer to the buttocks, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. In Greater Salt Lake City, Dr. Chiddy performs BBL surgery using the revolutionary BeautiFill system for a more efficient treatment and even more exciting results.

How does BBL with BeautiFill work?

The Brazilian butt lift is a widely popular procedure that takes unwanted fat from one area of the patient’s body and uses it to boost volume in the buttocks. While BBL surgery with traditional liposuction can certainly provide pleasing results, using BeautiFill for a Brazilian butt lift offers a number of additional benefits. During BBL with BeautiFill laser lipo plus fat transfer, Dr. Chiddy harvests excess fat from the patient’s abdomen, hips, flank, or thighs. In one swift step, the BeautiFill system purifies fat cells and prepares them for transfer. Using a combination of skill, strategy, and artistry, Dr. Chiddy injects the newly purified fat into the buttocks in thin, precise layers for an enhanced shape and added volume.

Why should I get BBL with BeautiFill vs. regular liposuction and fat transfer?

BeautiFill laser lipo with fat transfer offers several compelling benefits in comparison to traditional BBL surgery, including:

  • Less postoperative swelling
  • Shorter recovery period
  • More efficient procedure
  • Exceptional fat purification capabilities
  • More reliable, long-term results

When BeautiFill technology is used to harvest and purify fat, only the purest, most uniform fat cells are left behind. Because of this, there is a lower rate of cell death after the transfer, meaning patients enjoy more predictable, stable, and long-lasting results compared with those of traditional fat transfer. Even so, patients should still practice proper BBL aftercare, including avoiding direct pressure on the buttocks, in order to minimize the risk of losing newly transferred fat cells. During your initial consultation for butt augmentation with BeautiFill in Salt Lake City, Dr. Chiddy will discuss what to expect after fat transfer and how to best maintain your cosmetic outcome over time.

Do you have major butt envy? Consider BeautiFill laser lipo and fat transfer in Draper, UT

If you have been eyeing the backsides of celebrities and influencers, and wish you could achieve a similar look, you may be a candidate for butt enhancement surgery. To learn more about the stunning transformations that are possible with BeautiFill fat transfer in Draper, UT, call Jerry Chidester, MD Plastic & Hand Surgery to schedule your private consultation with esteemed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerry Chidester today!

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