Draper, UT | About Me | Jerry Chidester, MD

Dr. Chidester provides a brief background on who he is and where he is from!


Jerry Chidester: My name is Jerry Chidester. I was actually born in Chicago, Illinois, and then moved here to Salt Lake City, Utah, where my father is from. My mom is actually from Thailand, so I'm actually half Thai, half Caucasian. Then, my whole family was moved overseas. My dad worked for the royal family in Saudi Arabia, so I actually lived overseas in Saudi Arabia for over six years.

Jerry Chidester: After leaving Saudi Arabia, we came back to Utah and I did most of my schooling then here. Then, I went to the University of Utah undergraduate and medical school. Then after that, with my family and my wife and kids, we went to LA. I did my training there as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I was there for six years and then we were at USC for an additional year where I did my hand and upper extremity subspecialty training, and now I'm back here in Salt Lake City, Utah in my own practice as a plastic surgeon. (singing).