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About Gender Reaffirmation

Dr. Jerry Chidester, or Dr. Chiddy, is grateful and honored that you are considering his services for your powerful, life-changing decision to reaffirm your identity. As an expert and compassionate gender reaffirmation plastic surgeon, Dr. Chiddy strives to provide a welcoming, caring, and safe atmosphere for patients during their transitional surgeries. Dr. Chiddy is knowledgeable about WPATH requirements and patient-centered care, which allow him to guide you safely through your treatment. We invite you to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Chiddy to learn more about reaffirmation surgery. To ensure you feel comfortable, our group will be with you every step of the way throughout your journey.


The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, or WPATH, is a nonprofit group that provides professional, educational, and interdisciplinary resources for transgender health. Using evidence-based research, WPATH strives to help the public understand and respect the health needs of transgendered, transsexual, and gender-nonconforming people from around the world.

WPATH has created specific standards of care (SOC) that address the needs of patients with gender dysphoria. This document outlines how doctors, like Dr. Chiddy, can best help individuals with their mental, health, and treatment needs during gender reaffirmation surgery. To ensure your safety and to provide the best quality of care, Dr. Chiddy is dedicated to following the SOC provided by WPATH so you feel respected, listened to, and understood.

Providing A Safe Environment

Dr. Chiddy is uniquely qualified to perform gender reaffirmation surgery and can provide guidance throughout your transition. Before, during, and much later after your surgery, Dr. Chiddy strives to make sure you feel safe, respected, and valued. His goal is to increase your confidence and help you attain your desired cosmetic goals. Starting with a thorough and private consultation, Dr. Chiddy will take the time to listen to your goals and discuss the various mental and physical benefits of gender reaffirmation surgery. Once he has carefully assessed your needs and goals, Dr. Chiddy will create a tailored treatment plan that may have one or a combination of several procedures so he can help you attain your desired results.

Reaffirming Procedures

When it comes to performing gender reaffirming surgeries, Dr. Chiddy is experienced and an expert plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can help patients with:

Male to Female Transitions

  • MTF top surgery
  • Body feminization surgery (BFS)
  • Transgender facial feminization surgery (FFS)
  • Adam's Apple reduction (tracheal shave)

Female to Male Transitions

  • FTM top surgery
  • FTM body contouring
  • Facial masculinization surgery

Love Is Love

Using advanced treatment options and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health's (WPATH) specific standards of care, Dr. Chiddy can help guide you through your transformative procedure. From your consultation to years after your surgery, Dr. Chiddy wants you to know he’s an ally, supports your decision, and is honored that you have reached out to him for guidance during this important decision. Each patient will receive a unique treatment plan that aligns with their cosmetic goals, and Dr. Chiddy's caring team can help you determine the costs and if financing is available with Prosper and Mountain America Credit Union. He encourages you to call his office in Draper, UT to learn more and start your journey to feeling confident and happy about yourself.

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